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My identity explained

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Posted:     Post subject: My identity explained

Identity is like a really a complex ideal to me, and this is how I explain it.

Still, I never done before.

This is my attempt to explain what oneself perception of self which is better known as identity is and what it can means, or why it can be so different to see on the outside what is going on on the inside when the inside when they appear different. While this may cause confusion in a lot of people when people cannot see the insides of a person. It is is important to note that some people just cannot live up to what their parents expectation of who or what they were meant to become or be.

A brief definition of identity can be that of the way one identifies themselves or how one perceives themselves in relationship to everyone else in their world whatever that maybe to them.

There are several types of identity.

The first is s----l orientation. These can include, but are not limited to: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and pan-sexual.

The second is gender orientation: male or female.

The third is called by its psychosocial name which is cross-cultural, and can easily be defined as being one of several ethnic cultures that is not one or more that your parents identified with.

The fourth is the identity associated with religion or spirituality, and is known by its name which is simply cross-spiritual.

The final one is all others like bikers or skaters which can be identified as sub-cultures.

So, the basic question one needs to ask is what are you, and it is important to note that no one but you can know what that is or should your be identity. Just as no one can tell someone else what to make of their identity or if that is correct or not.

So, what is my identity?

I want to note how you have to use good written grammar, but I have to spare the details and just say, I am a Black, Jewish, Anglo-American, non-White, because I am not an Anglo-Saxon person that can vote in the country of Great Britain that is a member Anglican Church.

For which is what I believe the idea was when the use of the term first came which was roughly about the time the the state church in Great Britain split from the Vatican to the Anglican Bishops under the King's authority based on my research I have done and the conclusion I have made about what it meant when the term was first started being used because white and black are not racial terms. They are cultural terms rooted in Christian symbolism that was used to explain why the people that populated sub-Saharan-Africa had not been told about Jesus and did not know about Him or could not ever be proper Christians.

Then, I see myself as being non-Hispanic, Hispanic, because I feel about Spanish like I should have learned to speak it, but I can hear all the sounds. Still, I can repeat what I hear real quick so I have the ability to repeat it just like I can speak it.

That is to say, I can make all the sounds, and because I learned to respect the idioma or language in Spanish.

I also love the music and the dance, so it is second nature to me.

Finally,I am a biker check also.

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