Understanding Interracial Relationships
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Understanding Interracial Relationships

Toyin Okitikpi

Interracial relationships are no longer a novelty. However, there remains strong interest in the nature of these relationships, in the motivations that drive them, and in the experiences of the children that are born within them. Sometimes this interest is articulated as concern and/or prejudice, both in society and within the helping professions. This book provides an analysis of the experiences of the people in the UK involved in such relationships. The interracial relationships of black men and white women constitute the highest proportion. This type of relationship also appears to provoke the greatest disapprobation from many in society. Understanding Interracial Relationships explores the experiences, dilemmas, and complexities involved in forming intimate relationships across the racial divide. It also explores the implications for counselors, social workers, and others involved in work with interracial families and children. Since social workers' attitudes and approaches towards children of mixed parentage are generally guided by their views and assumptions about the nature of interracial relationships, this important book will assist in social work involvement with children, as well as with couples. This book is based on interviews with 20 black men and 20 white women who are, or have been, in interracial relationships.

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